1.         Definitions and Interpretation

1.1.      Company means Max Adventure Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 646 507 075).

1.2.      Personal Information means information about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:

(a)        Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and

(b)        Whether the information or opinion is recorded in material form or not.

1.3.      Privacy Act means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

2.         Collection of Personal Information

2.1.      The Personal Information the Company may ask for and collect includes (but is not limited to):

2.1.1.    Identifying information including a persons name and date of birth;

2.1.2.    A person’s address;

2.1.3.    A person’s email address;

2.1.4.    A person’s telephone number;

2.1.5.    Identifiable information for a person’s emergency contact including that person’s name and contact information;

2.1.6.    Medical information including the name and details of any health condition suffered by a person and any medication being taken or required by a person; and

2.1.7.    Any additional personal information a person provides to the Company, or authorise us to collect, as part of your interaction with the Company.

2.2.      In limited circumstances, the Company may collect information which is considered sensitive information. For example, if a participant is injured at an event delivered by the Company, the Company may collect health information about a participant in an emergency or otherwise with that person’s consent.

2.3.      The Company may collect personal information about children (for example, when children participate in events delivered by the Company). Where children do not have sufficient maturity and understanding to make decisions about their personal information, the Company will require their parents or guardians to make decisions on their behalf.

2.4.      A person can always decline to give the Company any personal information it requests, however that may mean the Company cannot provide some or all of the services that person has requested.

2.5.      The Company may collect information about visitors to its website (, using cookies and code embedded in the website. Details of the Company’s use of cookies are set out in section 6 of this Privacy Policy.

3.         Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

3.1.      The Company operates a business engaged in the provision of sports and adventure racing and events. The purpose of the collection of Personal Information is to ensure the smooth running of the events and the safety of all participants. The Company may also collect and use information for the purpose of fulfilling administrative functions associated with the event and services it provides, for example, billing, entering into contracts with and managing relationships.

3.2.      The Company will use the collected Personal Information in order to safely and effectively operate its business and perform associated administrative functions. The specific use of Personal Information will depend upon the nature of a persons interaction with the Company.

3.3.      The Company may also use Personal Information for marketing purposes including to communicate with you to update you on our latest events, news and special offers. You can opt out of receiving this communication at any time by following the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

4.         Disclosure of Personal Information

4.1.      Operation of its business requires the disclosure of Personal Information to third parties. The Company disclosures to third parties as follows:

4.1.1.        Medical personnel engaged by the Company for the relevant event. For the safety of the participant and others, the Company will provide medical personnel with a printed document outlining the name of a participant, details of their disclosed medical conditions or medications, and the name and contact details of their emergency contact. At the end of the relevant event, this document is returned by the medical personnel to the Company and shredded by the Company.

4.1.2.        Employees engaged by the Company for the relevant event. For the safety of the participant and others, the Company will provide its employees with a printed document outlining the name of a participant, details of their disclosed medical conditions or medications, and the name and contact details of their emergency contact. At the end of the relevant event, this document is returned by the employees to the Company and shredded by the Company.

4.1.3.        Time keeping personnel and/or organisations engaged by the Company for the relevant event. A key aspect of an event is the recording of a participants start and finish time and all participants must wear a race bib. The Company contracts this work to a third party who will be provided with a participants name, address, date of birth, gender identity and race bib number for the purpose of recording timekeeping data for the event and providing the participant with their race bib which may be provided via post.

4.1.4.        Professional photographers engaged by the Company for the relevant event. This Company engages a third party professional photographer to take pictures during the event and will provide this photographer with a participants name, bib number and email address for the purpose of the photographer sending that participant a link with their event photos.

4.2.      The Company is an Australian based organisation that engages and works with service providers, sponsors and commercial interests overseas. The Company does not directly disclose Personal Information overseas however, as the Company engages with global third parties in the course of providing services, a person’s Personal Information may be disclosed to overseas recipients. In circumstances where Personal Information is disclosed to overseas recipients, those recipients are likely to be located in countries in regions in which those entities operate including United States of America, United Kingdom, China and the Philippines.

4.3.      The Company does not sell Personal Information for profit.

5.         Storage of Personal Information

5.1.      The Company stores Personal Information via electronic record keeping methods in secure databases and/or cloud based storage. Personal Information may be collected in paper-based documents and converted to electronic form for use or storage (with the originals securely destroyed).

6.         Cookies

6.1.      The Company’s website uses cookies. A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of data stored on the web browser of a device and used in the customised delivery of content. This information is not personally identifiable. A person may use their browser settings to disable or otherwise manage cookies. However, in doing so, the Company’s website by not be as efficient and content may not be accessible.

7.         Third Party Sites

7.1.      The Company may refer you to third parties, including for the purposes of registration for an event. Further, the Company’s website may contain links to third party websites. These third parties may have policies (including privacy policies) independent of and different to that of the Company.

7.2.      Users engage with these third parties and access their websites at their own risk. The Company is not responsible or liable for any loss of damage (direct, indirect or consequential) resulting from a persons engagement with or access to the website of a third party and the user releases the Company from any such liability.

7.3.      The Company will not be liable for the actions of third-party sites from which a person may have linked and been directed to the Company’s website.

8.         Access and Correction of Personal Information

8.1.      Personal Information held by the Company can be verified by contacting the Company via post or in writing via the details below.

8.2.      For security reasons, the Company may request proof of identity before disclosing or confirming Personal Information. Satisfaction of proof of identity will be at the Company’s sole discretion.

8.3.      Personal Information may be corrected or updated by contacting the Company via post or in writing via the details below.

8.4.      Contact details for access and correction:

Email:                [email protected]

Address:            PO Box 4118, Winmalee NSW 2777

9.         Complaints

9.1.      A complaint about privacy may be made to the Company at the contact details set out in clause 8.4 above.

9.2.      The Company will first consider the complaint and determine whether there are any simple or immediate steps which can be taken to resolve the complaint. The Company will respond to a complaint as soon as reasonably practicable from the date of receipt.

9.3.      If the complaint requires more detailed consideration or investigation, the Company may acknowledge receipt of the complaint and complete our investigation into the complaint promptly. The Company may ask a complainant to provide further information about the complaint and the outcome sought. The investigation will be conducted as soon as is reasonably practicable and the Company will endeavour to provide the complainant with a timeline of the investigation process.

9.4.      If a complainant is not satisfied with the Company’s response to the complaint or consider that the Company may have breached the Australian Privacy Principles or the Privacy Act, a complaint may be made to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner can be contacted by telephone on 1300 363 992 or by using the contact details on the website

10.       Changes to this Privacy Policy

10.1.   The Company may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without the provision of notice. Persons who engage with the Company are encouraged to regularly visit the Company’s website to keep up to date with any changes.