Saturday 20th May 2023
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW
Entries Open:

What Happens Next?

Having decided that you would like to participate in The Great Adventure Challenge, there are a number of key simple steps that you and your team will need to follow to ensure you and your team are ready and raring to go come race day:

  1. Registration
    • Complete registration via the Entry page on the website
    • During the registration process you will need to agree to this waiver
    • Recruit a team
    • For teams that have paid in full and registered all 8 team members by 8 April 2023 you will receive a time bonus of 30 minutes
  2. Official welcome by Starlight
    • Invitation to Information Evening
    • Invitation to Training Day
    • Opportunity to discuss planning and preparation ideas with Starlight
  3. Inaugural team meeting
    • Talk about what each individual wants to get from the experience
    • Understand individual fitness levels and capabilities
    • Discuss individual strengths and weaknesses
    • Establish a common goal for the event
    • Agree on the frequency of team meetings
    • Get key dates scheduled into respective diaries e.g. kickoff meeting, training day and of course race day!
    • Pick a team captain
  4. Follow up team meeting
    • Assign team roles and responsibilities
    • Split the meeting into fundraising and training needs
    • Contact Starlight who will organise a Fundraising Team Page to be set up for you – Elle Dawe on 02 8425 5932 or [email protected]
    • Develop a fundraising strategy
    • Schedule group training sessions and identify potential warm up events
  5. Attend training day
  6. Subsequent team meetings
    • Discuss fundraising plans and activity as well as developments in training
  7. Host various fundraising events
  8. Arrange accommodation for race day
  9. Order team kit (optional)
    • Minimum order time 4-6 weeks
  10. Pre-Race Day meeting
    • Make sure everyone has the necessary kit
    • Check that all bikes are serviced or in good order
    • Workout how you are all getting to the event and that you have the right directions
    • Make sure everyone brings enough food and drink to last the day
  11. Race day!

Please note, all teams will automatically be included on The Great Adventure Challenge mailing list and receive tips on everything from training and fundraising through to event updates and general news.

For additional information and updates on The Great Adventure Challenge, we also strongly encourage all participants to check the website Latest News page for additional information and updates as well as The Great Adventure Challenge Facebook page.