Gear and Kit List

To ensure you and your team are fully prepared and protected on Race Day, the following items are to be worn or carried during the event as a minimum:

Provided to you on the day You must bring with you
Map Mobile phone in a waterproof bag
Compass (one per team) Drink, at least two litres per team member is recommended
Whistle per team member Pen (for marking map)
Basic first aid kit (one crepe bandage, adhesive tape, wound dressing and six adhesive dressings. Mountain bike (inc pump and repair kit)
Emergency blanket (space blanket) Cycle helmet

Optional gear / kit we also recommend your carry during the event include:

Other appropriate clothing and footwear, waterproof jacket, cap, sock protectors, backpack/Camelbak, food, additional water, appropriate glasses/ eyewear, waterproof map case/ contact, sunscreen, insulation mats, micro towel, plastic bags to waterproof equipment, highlighters/marker pens, wristwatches, Paracetamol, duct tape, and teddy bear.