team fundraising

Great Adventure Challenge teams are encouraged to aim high with their fundraising target! We ask every team to set themselves a target of $8,000. Remember it’s a team amount, so you can split it up so each team member raises $1,000, or band together and raise the whole $8,000.

Once you’ve registered your team, Starlight will create fundraising pages for you and email you a link to log in. Personalising your fundraising page is hugely beneficial when going out to your networks to ask for support. They want to see a photo of you and your story as to why you need their help!

Share your fundraising page by email or social media with your friends, family and work colleagues to encourage them to donate. Remember that any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible.

The team from Starlight will be on hand throughout the year to help you with ideas and support as you work towards your fundraising targets. Some ideas are below:


time credits / bonuses

To provide a little extra incentive to all teams when it comes to fundraising, time credits, or bonuses, will be rewarded to teams that achieve certain pre-set fundraising targets or who recruit additional teams.

Simply put, the more funds you raise as a team, the more time credits / bonuses you earn, so to help your team get a head start in the race by setting your fundraising targets HIGH!

Pre-set fundraising targets and corresponding time credits are as follows:

Time credits will also be awarded for: Registering all 8 team members and the team registration has been paid in full by 7 April 2024 – 30 minutes

Please note: Time credits are capped at 90 minutes total

the impact of fundraising



Little Thea’s family were thrown into a whirlwind of stress and grief when the three-year-old was suddenly diagnosed with eye cancer.

Forced to decide between trying an uncertain treatment, and removing their daughter’s eye, parents Jon and Maree were completely devastated.

“We were shocked, terrified, and totally broken” recalls Maree.

Suddenly, instead of playing with their energetic little girl, they found themselves fearing for her life.

For Thea, the distress of losing an eye and learning to live with her new “special eye” was incredibly hard. Luckily, Captain Starlight was there to help Thea smile throughout her entire ordeal!

In fact, Thea met Captain Starlight at her very first hospital admission, and through the Captains on Call program they’ve been there to greet Thea and her family at each appointment since.

Thea endures painful stinging eyedrops at every checkup, but knowing Captain Starlight will be there for her with a healthy dose of fun, Thea is always happy to go along!

“She associates the hospital, her treatment, her checkups, everything, as a super fun and positive experience that she would do all over again as long as Captain Starlight is there” says mum Maree.


For more information or support with your fundraising please contact:

Starlight NSW
Kristy Lowther on 02 8425 5980 or email