Saturday 18th May 2024
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW

Event Wrap Up

1st June 2022

Saturday 21st May 2022
Blue Mountains, NSW

It was COLD, it was WET, and it was WILD!!!

The 2022 Great Adventure Challenge was many things but an outstanding overall feel was that it was AWESOME!!!

The lower Blue Mountains did not disappoint on the Challenge and Adventure front with teams Kayaking up a very Full Nepean River, climbing their way over the moss-covered rocks of the Glenbrook Gorge, cycling up and down rugged mountain terrain, with many a missed turn taken.

On behalf of Starlight, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our participants who braved the conditions to complete a race I’m sure you won’t forget in a hurry. Your efforts on the course were outstanding, but your efforts pre-race via fundraising were equally as impressive. Some more donations snuck in over the weekend bringing our overall total to…

 $124,227.89, WOW!!!

 A massive THANK YOU to all our supporters. Max Adventure for putting on such a great event, they arrived in the dark and left in the dark! The Rapid Relief Penrith Team provided a delicious post-race lunch, Young Henry’s beer went down a treat and the team race kits supplied by Officeworks Penrith were gratefully received, as were the much-needed CLIF bars for some on-course nutrition.

Also a big thanks to my Starlight teammates, Riette who helped many of you with fundraising pages and allocating etc, Dale our Volunteer coordinator, and Ashley, Andrew, Noel, Tracey, and Millie our Vollies who helped out on the day.  Along with the awesome help of Lillian and Marie from STRYKER who also volunteered for the day.

Congratulations to STRYKER MAKO, what a stunning WIN! 

I really look forward to seeing you all back in 2023.

Elle from Starlight