Melbourne Convention

Team Briefing & Information Night

24th May 2016  

Great Adventure Challenge - ENTER STATE

Day, Date, Month, 2016

G’day GAC Superheroes,

Only six weeks to go until the Great Adventure Challenge 2016 and you’re all doing a fantastic job.

By now you should be starting to see and feel the benefits of your training sessions. You should also be feeling the love from your family, friends, team supporters and donors as your fundraising barometer starts to creep up.

Don’t forget to share your journey with your networks and ask for their support. People are more likely to give if they can see you training and working towards your goal. Get Facebook, Instagram or Twitter going and tell your GAC story.

#greatadventurechallengeSTATE2016  #starlightGACSTATE2016

Think GAC training is challenging? Imagine being a seriously ill teenager trying to balance school, friends and peer-groups. Adolescence is hard enough without the extra challenge of a serious illness or disability and Starlight’s program is a safe online space where teens can connect and share their experiences.  Check out it what the teens had to say about Livewire Online.

To ensure your team is prepared for race day (and has a chance to eyeball the competition) make sure you register for the Team Briefing and Information Night on:

Day, Date, Month, 2016

For more information about the Team Briefing and Information Night check out the Key Dates on the Great Adventure Challenge website.

Keep up the great work teams!



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The Great Adventure Challenge
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