Fundraising is central to the Great Adventure Challenge ethos, and as such, teams are encouraged to raise vital funds for charity, giving our Adventurers a huge sense of achievement, both from a racing perspective, as well as a fundraising perspective. We also believe that encouraging teams to support a charity also carries additional Business Benefits, improving staff morale and providing added focus and impetus to team performance.

Since 2008, our primary Charity Partner has been the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity organisation whose mission is to transform the lives of seriously ill and hospitailsed children and their families, throughout Australia.

Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia. For thousands of families this leads the diagnosis of illness that changes their lives forever. Since 1988 The Starlight Children’s Foundation has delivered a range of programs both in and out of hospital, designed to support the well being & resilience of these seriously ill children and their families by delivering fun, laughter and positive distraction to restore the fun and laughter serious illness takes away.

Starlight programs are integral to the total care of seriously ill children and young people – while the health professionals focus on treating the illness, Starlight is there to lift the spirits of the child – giving them the opportunity to laugh, play and be a child again. Starlight’s core programs include Captain Starlight, Starlight Express Rooms, Starlight TV, Fun Centres, Livewire, Wishgranting, Livewire and an Outreach program in the Northern Territory.

To get a better insight into the amazing work that the Starlight Children’s Foundation do, and some of the ways in which your fundraising efforts really can make a difference and brighten the lives of some very special children and their families.

team fundraising

Great Adventure Challenge teams are encouraged to aim high with their fundraising target! We ask every team to set themselves a target of $8,000. Remember it’s a team amount, so you can split it up so each team member raises $1,000, or band together and raise the whole $8,000.

The team from Starlight will be on hand throughout the year to help you with ideas and support as you work towards your fundraising targets.

Not only will sick kicks benefit from your efforts, but there are also valuable time credits up for grabs! Time credits will be awarded to teams that achieve pre-set fundraising targets, so the more you raise, the more time credits you earn.
Fundraising targets and corresponding time credits are as follows:

$5,000= 15 minutes
$8,000 = 30 minutes
$15,000 = 45 minutes
>$20,000 = 60 minutes

Help your team get a head start in the race by setting your fundraising targets HIGH!


Captain Starlight

In every children’s hospital across Australia, you’ll find a Starlight Express Room where Starlight’s superheros, Captain Starlights, bring happiness to sick kids and their families. Starlight Express Rooms are vibrant, medical-free places filled with music, games and laughter, providing a break from the challenges of hospital life.

Starlight Wishes

Starlight Wishes are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that give sick kids something positive to look forward to during the toughest times. Wishes help sick kids and their families take a break from the stress of hospital and create new memories they’ll treasure forever.


Livewire supports young people aged 12 – 25 living with serious illness, disability or chronic health conditions. We provide opportunities for creativity, fun and entertainment, both in hospital and online. These programs are designed to distract from and relieve the pain, stress and isolation of illness, and to support mental wellbeing.

Healthier Futures Initiative

Through our Healthier Futures Initiative, Starlight partners with healthcare teams to visit remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through fun and games, Captain Starlight entertains and distracts kids during their health clinic visits, ensuring more kids access the vital health checks they need.

what your dollar can achieve

Brightens the hospital experience for a sick child.

Provides a custom fun-filled travel backpack for a Starlight Wish child.

To run a livewire creative workshop for seriously ill teens in hospital.