Saturday 15th May 2021
New South Wales, NSW

Business Benefits

It is widely recognized that one of the most important corporate challenges over the next 20 years will be “talent” – attraction, retention and development. As the “war for talent” intensifies leaders need to find innovative ways to engage employees and build sustainable workplace communities in order to maximize commercial outcomes.

Workplace community is strongest when it brings ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results, when employee engagement is high and when employees feel aligned to the corporate objectives. In this regard the Great Adventure Challenge offers businesses:

  • An opportunity to create high performance teams by providing a focus towards a common goal and a clear purpose.
  • The chance to become actively involved in supporting their local community.
  • A medium to address wider businesses issues such as the health and wellbeing of its staff.
  • A way to visibly show they invest in their people whilst embedding core business values.

Given the unique nature of the Great Adventure Challenge, it allows businesses to either compete directly alongside competitors or enter joint teams with strategic partners to build stronger working relationships.

Either way the outcome will result in an improved sense of team work, sharper decision making and greater workplace engagement – all for a wonderful cause!!