Saturday 18th May 2024
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW

Am I Fit Enough?

Adventurers don’t need to be professional athletes, nor experts in all disciplines, because our event is about working, training and competing together as a team, across a course designed to test and push your limits.

The Great Adventure Challenge is a challenging event, however it is achievable for anyone with a good general level of fitness – you really don’t need to be an iron man to finish but you will need to train.

Whilst your team will be expected to navigate its way across the 60-70kms course, you personally won’t be expected to do it all yourself, that is of course unless you want to! A typical course will involve 8 legs with transition stops in between to recharge, refuel and rotate the team.

There are multiple legs of each discipline, which total approximately 15km on foot, 10km in kayak and 35km on Mountain Bike. With short multiple legs we guarantee you will never get tired or bored of each discipline.