What is the Great Adventure Challenge?

The Great Adventure Challenge is an exciting, demanding and fun, multisport team based corporate adventure race. It covers a range of activities from mountain biking, trail running, kayaking and coasteering, teams are also confronted with mystery tasks, to test the boundaries of both brain and body.

Adventurers don’t need to be professional athletes, nor experts in all disciplines, because our event is about working, training and competing together as a team, across a course designed to test and push your limits.

Expect the unexpected – as well as physical and mental challenge, we promise to deliver an event that is fresh, upbeat and above all fun.

The Great Adventure Challenge inspiration and purpose today, is to make a real difference by brightening the lives of seriously ill children in Australia. Teams are encouraged to raise vital funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, giving our Adventurers a huge sense of achievement both from a racing and fundraising perspective.

Since launch, in 2008, the Great Adventure Challenge has continued to grow, both in terms of Adventurers and monies raised, with many of our Adventurers coming back for more!

Our promise to adventurists is a well organised, challenging, fun, competitive experience and an opportunity to make a difference to Starlight Children’s Foundation.


Adventure racing is one of Australia’s fastest growing sports and quickly becoming the “new triathlon” for energetic individuals who like a challenge. Adventure races are generally considered a non stop, mixed gender, event that combines two or more disciplines and involves teamwork and navigation/orienteering using a map and compass. The adventure of the race is all about taking on the unknown and unexpected and overcoming the challenges thrown at teams during the event.

In the lead up to the event a general location will be given a few months before but the exact start point will only be revealed to teams a few days before the race, maintaining that element of adventure and the unexpected.

Surprises are thrown at teams right from the start, mountain bikes may need to be dropped at a different location to the start point, maps are only provided a short time before the start. Decisions on how to get from one check point to another are left to each team, so the pressure is on to choose the best route. Instructions must be read, and on the ground obstacles may force changes to plans as teams traverse the course. As a result, actual decision making must happen under pressure during the race.


  • Each team consists of 8 members, which must include at least one person from the opposite sex for mixed teams.
  • At any one time, there will be 4 team members on the course, whilst the remaining 4 team members will act as “support crew”.
  • At transitions, the teams recharge, review strategy and rotate who is on the course and who is in the support crew.
  • The support crew’s role is to be ready at transition points, prepare food to sustain the team, manage the gear and clothing and importantly motivate and support their team mates.


In our ever changing environment, now more than ever, it is crucial that employers focus on employee engagement on the overall health and wellbeing of their staff. It is widely recognized that one of the most important corporate challenges over the next 20 years will be “talent” – attraction, retention and development. As the “war for talent” intensifies leaders need to find innovative ways to engage employees and build sustainable workplace communities in order to maximize commercial outcomes.

Workplace community is strongest when it brings ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results, when employee engagement is high and when employees feel aligned to the corporate objectives. In this regard the Great Adventure Challenge offers businesses:

  • An opportunity to create high performance teams by providing a focus towards a common goal and a clear purpose.
  • The chance to become actively involved in supporting their local community.
  • A medium to address wider businesses issues such as the health and wellbeing of its staff.
  • A way to visibly show they invest in their people whilst embedding core business values.

Given the unique nature of the Great Adventure Challenge, it allows businesses to either compete directly alongside competitors or enter joint teams with strategic partners to build stronger working relationships.

Either way the outcome will result in an improved sense of team work, sharper decision making and greater workplace engagement – all for a wonderful cause!!

For more information on the Starlight Children’s Foundation, you can also visit www.starlight.org.au or contact Kristy Lowther on 02 8425 5980 or email.

For fundraising tips and support, check out our Fundraising Pack, which is full of useful tools and information to help you maximize your fundraising potential.


The feedback received every year from people who take part in The Great Adventure Challenge is always extremely positive. For a little insight into what both individuals and teams get out of the experience, please read the below testimonials:

GAC was everything I expected it to be… and more! More fun, more adventurous and just a fantastic event all-round. It’s wonderful to participate in an exciting team building event with my friends & colleagues, whilst raising money for such a great cause. Can’t wait to participate again next year!

Sophie, Senior Associate Consultant – Bain & Co


The Great Adventure challenge is an event I look forward to every year. Not because it pushes me to challenge myself, be resilient and be the best that I can be on the day, not because it takes me to the most amazing and breath taking spots all over Greater Sydney, and not because I get to spend an awesome day, having an absolute blast with my team as we support one another through various terrain. I look forward to it because the Great Adventure Challenge supports a cause that I am passionate about, and knowing that our small contribution can make a massive impact in the lives of sick children makes it all worth it.

Rachel, HR – Suncorp


It was simply amazing!! Bring on the next one!! 🙂 Thanks again to all the GAC team who made the day fantastic!! This weekend is definitely going to be dull after last Saturday!! We all have the bug here and can’t wait to do the next one!! Thanks again!

Rebecca, Marketing – Stryker


We took part in the GAC for the first time this year and it certainly wont be our last! What an absolute blast the actual day was!! The whole experience was incredible, made even better doing it for a cause close to all of our hearts. The whole company got behind the cause, not only the lucky 8 who competed. Some people organized and contributed in various ways to the fundraising, others worked on the socials to promote our efforts and others helped source and provide items we’d needed on the day. This made the whole experience most enjoyable as it brought everyone together in such a positive way. The support and enthusiasm in the lead-up to the event certainly kept our spirits high – even though it was a wet miserable day! The GAC was a truly memorable day for the whole team and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Alana, Partnerships Director – Orion