Saturday 18th May 2024
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW

The Course

The Great Adventure Challenge runs through some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. Teams will navigate their way through a unique and exciting new race course held within 3 hours of Sydney CBD.

The actual course will be revealed to our Adventurers on the morning of the event, so our teams will need to be able to think on their feet and begin fast preparation to best prepare for the challenge ahead.

From sunrise to sunset, teams will face a range of disciplines:

Mountain Biking – 35km approx predominately off road. A mixture of fire trails and single track where available. Nothing too technical.

Trail running – 15km approx – a mixture of fire trails and walking tracks with a bit of cross country thrown in for good measure.

Kayaking – 10km approx – in two person sit on top kayaks. Generally in protected waters.

Coasteering – 2km approx – hugging the shore line on foot finding the best route around, over and under obstacles. May involve some water jumps or short swims.

Mystery Tasks – Teams will meet mystery tasks at different points of the course, testing both the brain and body.

Navigation – Adventurers will need to hone their navigation/orienteering skills to help them collect all the checkpoints in the minimum time possible.

THE RACE COURSE:A secret until the day
COURSE LENGTH:60 – 70 km
COURSE TIME:5 – 9 hours
FINISH:Approx. 5:00pm